"CQS is a special place. A place where people are intellectually stimulated and do exceptional things, and where agile minds work powerfully and nimbly together. I thrive on the 'battle of ideas' and love the business"
Sir Michael Hintze, Founder and CEO

CQS is a credit-focused multi-strategy asset manager founded by Sir Michael Hintze in 1999. Our deep experience allows us to offer solutions for investors across a range of return objectives and risk appetites. We are an active asset manager with expertise across the credit spectrum, including corporate credit, structured credit, asset backed securities, convertibles and loans. We are committed to delivering performance and high levels of service to our investors.

CQS has investment offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. 

To us investment is about finding value where it is hard to identify. Looking further and deeper permeates everything we do. We are very clear about our strengths and focused on our core capabilities, in which we have a proven track record.


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Our first investment is to always spend time with investors, to understand their needs and find the right solution for them. The CQS range of capabilities enables investors to access a broad spectrum of risk and return. We use our knowledge and experience to create the optimum solution. Our partnership approach means that if an investor has specific risk return requirements, we can tailor a bespoke structure to meet the client’s investment objectives.

Directional Opportunities

High conviction, multi-asset class strategy managed by Sir Michael Hintze, CQS’ Founder. The approach is focused on identifying themes and harvesting mispricings across global asset markets, utilising an investment team which is experienced in assessing complexity across the capital structure.

Credit Multi-Asset

Long-only global credit portfolios which seek to exploit opportunities primarily across the sub-investment grade credit space. The approach is based on agile asset allocation, investing predominantly across senior secured loans, high yield and investment grade corporate credit, asset backed securities and convertible bonds.

Diversified Multi-Strategy

Single manager, multi-strategy approach currently invested in five distinct strategies managed by CQS. Allocations are dynamically managed on a monthly basis to achieve a dispersion of correlations between the underlying strategies.

Asset Backed Securities

Global asset backed securities (ABS) strategy focusing on exploiting inefficiencies in the pricing of credit and related risks across the spectrum of ABS markets and, depending on the mandate, investing in long, short and relative value positions in Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs) and other ABS instruments.

Sustainable Total Return Credit

A liquid multi-sector credit solution which combines bottom-up fundamental research and top down asset allocation with a tactical overlay. It invests primarily across developed market corporate credit in order to generate high income and capital gains for investors.

Global Convertible Fund (UCITS)

An active, but patiently managed, strategy which targets attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in globally diversified portfolios of convertible securities. The strategy focuses on individual security selection aiming to maximise asymmetry of upside potential with downside protection.

Salar Fund

Salar Fund is a fundamental, long-only global convertible bond fund, managed with an absolute return approach.

Convertible Arbitrage

Global mandates focusing on a range of convertible arbitrage strategies which seek to capture value and exploit pricing discrepancies. The approach is underpinned by quantitative modelling to build portfolios of cheap optionality.

Asian Macro

Discretionary macro strategy focused on investment opportunities driven by the markets and economies of the Asia Pacific region. The strategy is contrarian, value-orientated and research-driven, investing in liquid, easily-valued instruments in the equity, commodity, currency and rates markets.


An actively managed approach that seeks to exploit opportunities in global loan markets. The strategy takes advantage of market dislocations as well as changes to probability of default, and loss given default, through active portfolio management. Please contact CQS for further information.

Bespoke Mandates

Our partnership approach means that if an investor has specific risk return requirements, we can tailor a bespoke structure to meet the client’s investment objectives. Please contact CQS for further information.