"CQS is a special place. A place where people are intellectually stimulated and do exceptional things, and where agile minds work powerfully and nimbly together. I thrive on the 'battle of ideas' and love the business"
Sir Michael Hintze, Founder and CEO

CQS is a credit-focused multi-strategy asset manager founded by Sir Michael Hintze in 1999. Our deep experience allows us to offer solutions for investors across a range of return objectives and risk appetites. We are an active asset manager with expertise across the credit spectrum, including corporate credit, structured credit, asset backed securities, convertibles and loans. We are committed to delivering performance and high levels of service to our investors.

CQS has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Jersey and Sydney. 

To us investment is about finding value where it is hard to identify. Looking further and deeper permeates everything we do. We are very clear about our strengths and focused on our core capabilities, in which we have a proven track record.


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Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitment

We are committed to operating our business in a socially responsible manner, embedding strong and clear governance, and conducting our business in a sustainable way. In our role as an investment manager, we view ESG factors as a key driver of financing costs, valuations and performance, while also being capable of acting as a lever to shape and influence the world for generations to come.

The integration and assessment of ESG factors is a crucial part of this commitment across the CQS investment platform, both in public and privately held companies, and a key factor in our decision-making. Through embedding ESG into our investment process we seek to enhance our ability to identify value, investment opportunities and, critically, to generate the best possible returns for our clients.

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Investment Integration

We use both third party and internal proprietary tools to research, assimilate and consider ESG factors within our investment strategies, both public and private, and pivot across the relative priority of these factors to apply an appropriate analysis.

Our investment teams recognise that ESG considerations can impact the long term future of a company. Using our ESG research and ratings, we are able to shape investment decision making, in particular our views on the drivers of investment performance, including probability of default and loss given default, cost of capital and valuations. At CQS our integration and engagement of ESG within our investment process, and across the Firm as a whole, is continually developing and we welcome engagement with clients and industry organisations.

CQS is signatory to the PRI, fully supporting all Principals for Responsible Investment


In 2020, we completed our first year of PRI reporting. We are pleased to confirm CQS scored an A for the Strategy & Governance of our overall process, and across each of the three direct fixed income modules, we scored a B. We believe this demonstrates our strong approach to the integration of ESG and responsible investment, while also highlighting to us the areas on which to focus and develop moving forward.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme supports a range of charities and organisations which are important to us as a firm, the asset management industry and the communities in which we operate.